Amber Bennett for Washington State Senate District 34

Let's bring our focus to

Let's bring
our focus to

Let's bring
our focus to

Critical thinking

Critical thinking

Critical thinking

Family — Community — Small Business


Amber Bennett,
Owner of Freshy's Cafe, a community staple in West Seattle, operating since 2005.


"I'm a business owner, not a career politician. I'm going to help us get back to organically living life & critically thinking — away from all these heightened emotions.

Who is Amber Bennett?

She's a Mama,
a Business Owner,
a Community builder, & More

Amber Bennett has been a strong community member in West Seattle since 2005. Through Freshy’s Cafe, she’s donated to fundraisers for the local elementary, middle and high schools; donated catering to fundraisers; opened her cafe to the community for events over the years; and much more.

Amber has cultivated a cafe where like-minded people can come together and truly connect.

But over the past 10 years, she’s witnessed the community become increasingly divided, and pained with social and mental health issues.

Now she’s made the decision to further serve her community by running for Washington’s 34th District Seat of Senate.

Who is Amber Bennett?

Watch amber's interview on the
Virtual Campfire Podcast

If you agree with Amber’s values and vision, please donate to her campaign!

This will help her make this a better Washington for us all!

Issues that i will fight for

Critical Thinking

Above all, using critical thinking over “emotional reacting”.

Revitalize WA's Film Industry

Let’s support legislation to attract major motion films to our pocket of the PNW!

Our beautiful home has been the location for countless movies, TV shows and advertisement for over 75 years.

I support film production tax breaks and location support.


Working for The People

When I told my 9 year old son, Rex, that I am running for Senate, he asked

“So you want to work for the government?”

My reply

“NO… I want to work for the PEOPLE.”

Fiscal Responsibility

Washington’s emergency Rainy Day fund is the lowest it’s been in years. I will fight for more transparency and accountability with the allocation of funds.

Gov. Inslee received grade F on fiscal responsibility by the Cato Institute (see page 32)

Helping Small Businesses

Let’s keep the heart of our community open by relieving unnecessary tax burdens that small businesses incur.  Additionally, let’s help establish programs that ensure the small business owners’ success.

Let’s get teenagers working again! Cut the red tape that makes hiring teens burdensome.

Back to Basics

Encourage limitations to internet access during school time that is universal for all students.

Collaborate with Mindful Schools to implement meditation training & programs in Seattle Public Schools.

Get kids outside again! Limit their ability to access inappropriate websites that can harm them.

When was the last time anyone saw a kid mow a lawn for spending-money?

Cleaning up our Community

We live in a beautiful state that has not been protected by our policies.

As a state who touts constant environmental agendas, this is the opposite of what they have been doing.

Respecting Law Enforcement

We need to fund, respect, and put law-abiding citizens first. We need to ensure that one bad apple doesn’t dictate our attitude towards all law enforcement.

We need to give law enforcement the tools they need to do their job, as well as put accountability on the court system to prosecute accordingly.

Reliable Ferry & Water Taxi

With Vashon being an island, it is crucial that they know there is reliability for their jobs, healthcare needs, and for life-threatening emergencies.

Join the movement

Help amber win this

“This campaign is an uphill battle against the establishment. I’ve got a strong chance to win, but I have to reach as many people as I can.

I serve you, the public, not the establishment.”

~ Amber Bennett

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